Oak valley cottage

Oak Valley Cottage


Newsletter 2017

Welcome to a new planting season.  The trees in the nursery have on the whole grown well. This year we have some nice lines of some of our more ornamental trees such as Fraxinus Raywoodii (Claret Ash), Ulmus Glabra ‘Lutescens’ (Golden Elm).  Both lines are on average around that 1.5 – 2m+.  If anyone is wanting the odd XL tree for instant impact please ask as we have one or two beauties growing in the nursery.

Our farm stay cottage is available once again, so for anyone that would like to get away for a night and tie it in with picking up their trees please inquiry on availability. Priced from $150 per night for 2.

We look forward to dealing with you all this year once again. If anyone would like to visit the nursery to view trees and talk about planting options please ring to arrange a time.

Dan and Mary


We will ring you a day or two before we start on your order to make sure you are ready for it. Once we have made contact we will dig your trees out of the ground and store them in their bundles. If you are picking them up on an open trailer please bring a tarp, a large piece of plastic or something similar to cover the roots.


Bare root trees ready for delivery

  • Keep roots covered and out of direct sunlight
  • If it is not possible to plant the trees immediately heel them into the corner of your garden/vegetable garden.
  • Keep roots moist (not saturated, putting them in a trough is too much of a good thing) and out of the sun. Hose them with water, sit damp newspaper or a blanket over them at the back of a shed if heeling them in is not an option.
  • Dig a hole slightly bigger than the root system, plant the tree only as deep as it has been in the ground previously.
  • The best start for trees is to keep a good .5m clear of grass around its base, this can be achieved by spraying and mulching.
  • Slow release fertiliser tablets are really beneficial to give your trees a good start and make sure they have all the nutrients they need, particularly in clay soils.