Tree Guide


ATTRACTIVE AUTUMN COLOURS Acer Saccharinum. Fraxinus Raywoodii,  Liquidamber, Malus Ioensis Plena, Nyssa, Pyrus Calleryana, Quercus Palustris, Quercus Rubra.

QUICK GROWING TREES Acer Negundo, Acer Platanoides, Acer Saccharinum, Alnus Cordata, Alnus Acuminata, Fraxinus Oxycarpa, Fraxinus Raywoodii, Paulownia, Platanus x Acerifolia, Platanus Orientalis, Populus Veronese, Ulmus Glabra Lutescens, Ulmus Variegata.

TREES FOR BEES Acer Negundo, Acer Platanoides,  Acer Pseudoplatanus, Alnus Glutinosa, Chestnut, Gleditsia, Pyrus Calleryana.

FARM SHADE TREES Acer Negundo, Acer Pseudoplatanus, Acer Saccharinum, Alnus Acuminata, Alnus Cordata, Fraxinus Oxycarpa, Gleditsia Triacanthos, Platanus x Acerfolia, Platanus Autumn Glory, Platanus Orientalis, Quercus Palustris,  Quercus Rubra.

FODDER TREES Chestnut, Gleditsia-triacanthos, Paulownia, Populus.

TREES RESISTANT TO SALT SPRAY Acer Platanoides, Acer Pseudoplatanus, Alnus Glutinosa.

TREES WHICH TOLERATE EXPOSED SITES  Acer Platanoides, Acer Pseudoplatanus, Fraxinus Oxycarpa, Quercus Palustris, Populus Veronese, Ulmus Parvifolia.

TREES FOR WETTER SITES Alnus Glutinosa, Liquidamber, Nyssa, Quercus Palustris, Quercus Palustris, Quercus Rubra, Taxodium.

TREES FOR FIREWOOD Acer Platanoides, Acer Pseudoplatanus, Alnus Glutinosa, Chestnut, Fraxinus Oxycarpa, Gleditsia, Populus.

TIMBER TREES Most trees have some potential timber use, but because of such a wide diversity of end uses & varied & conflicting reports from users, detailing such a list is complex. However, we list the following:

Ground durable: Alnus (even in water) Chestnut, Gleditsia,

Furniture: Acer Pseudoplatanus, Chestnut, Fraxinus, Gleditsia, Liquidamber, Paulownia, Quercus-Robur, Quercus Rubra, Ulmus.

Agro Forestry Trees: Alnus Acuminata, Fraxinus Oxycarpa, Gleditsia, Paulownia, Populus.

‘A fallen tree can still be a useful tree’ N B The above listings are given as a guide only, Variations in climate, soil, site, altitude & terrain can all drastically alter a tree’s performance.