Trees in the open ground during growing season

Welcome to our website.  We are a family run business that specializes in growing bare-rooted deciduous trees.  We have a strong focus in providing trees for shade and shelter for farms.  Please inquire for our pick of top shade/shelter trees for your farm.  All our trees are grown in the open ground and as a result have large healthy root systems.  Trees are available for planting each year from 1 June to 10 September.  Orders are welcome anytime.  Viewing by appointment. Delivery available.

WHY DECIDUOUS TREES? SHADE in summer/let the sun through in winter, many are FAST GROWING, certain varieties – FIX NITROGEN, provide STOCK FOOD, can be COPPICED, provide FIREWOOD/TIMBER, STABILIZE SOILS, provide AUTUMN COLOUR and all add VALUE to your property.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding trees or if you wish to visit the nursery.

Alnus Cordata

Alnus Cordata – Italian Alder providing excellent Summer shade for horses


Quercus Rubra – Red Oak provides nice summer shade for stock